Unlike many of our competitors, we provide a full range of patent infringement services - we represent both plaintiffs and defendants, and clients ranging from large established corporations to individual inventors. Because of this, our attorneys possess a unique understanding of patent owners' settlement and litigation strategies as well as accused infringers' settlement and litigation strategies. For example, we are currently defending our clients in numerous patent litigations filed by so-called non-practicing entities ("NPEs") as well as representing NPEs in asserting their patents against infringers.

Our litigation experience covers the full range of the litigation life cycle - from the litigation planning stage, motion practice, discovery, pre-trial, trial, and appeal. Many of our attorneys have technical backgrounds and are members of the Patent Bar, and several have advanced technical degrees.

We have extensive experience practicing before the most common forums of patent litigation, including the U.S. International Trade Commission ("ITC"), Eastern District of Texas, Northern District of California, Central District of California, District of Delaware, and Eastern District of Virginia.

Representative patent cases that our attorneys have handled in the past or are currently handling include:

Defended Acer Inc. and its subsidiaries against Hewlett-Packard's patent infringement complaints filed in the ITC and in the Eastern District of Texas. Obtained favorable settlement on behalf of the clients.

We have defended, and are currently defending Acer Inc. and its subsidiaries against multiple NPEs and non-NPEs in various forums. Representative cases include those brought by: Azure Networks LLC; Bandspeed, Inc.; Cascades Computer Innovation, LLC; Common Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation ("CSIRO"); Florida Atlantic University Research Corporation; Innovative Biometric Technology, LLC; Guardian Media Technologies, Ltd.; Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc.; Honeywell International Inc.; Innovative Display Technologies LLC; Microlinc, LLC; MLR, LLC; Negotiated Data Solutions LLC; NorthPeak Wireless, LLC; NovelPoint Security LLC; NovelPoint Tracking LLC; Positive Technologies Inc.; Profectus Technology LLC; Rotatable Technologies LLC; Round Rock Research LLC; St. Clair Intellectual Property Consultants, Inc.; Tierra Intellectual Borinquen, Inc.; Touchscreen Gestures LLC; U.S. Ethernet Innovations, LLC; V-Dot Technologies LLC; Wi-LAN, Inc.; WIAV Networks, LLC; Wyncomm LLC; and Xpoint Technologies, Inc.

Defended Acer Inc., Nanya Technology Corporation, and Powerchip Technology Corporation against Tessera, Inc.'s patent infringement complaint filed in the ITC. Obtained an Initial Determination and a Final Determination by the ITC of no violation on behalf of all clients. The ITC's finding of no violation was upheld by the Federal Circuit.

Defended Nanya Technology Corporation and its subsidiary against Elpida Memory, Inc.'s and Elpida Memory (USA) Inc.'s patent infringement complaint filed in the ITC and in the Northern District of California.

Represented Nanya Technology Corporation and its subsidiary in their patent infringement complaints filed in the ITC against Elpida Memory, Inc.; Elpida Memory (USA) Inc.; and Kingston Technology Co., Inc.

Defended MiTAC International Corporation and its subsidiaries against multiple NPEs and non-NPEs in various forums, including but not limited to Ambato Media, LLC; e.Digital Corporation; Earthcomber, LLC; Qaxaz LLC; Tramontane IP, LLC; Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.; and Walker Digital, LLC.

Representing Beacon Navigation GmbH in its multiple patent infringement complaints filed against more than 15 automobile companies in the Eastern District of Michigan.

Representing Home Semiconductor, Inc. in patent litigation against Samsung.

Representing Mortgage Grader, Inc. in patent litigation against Costco, NYLX, Inc. and First Choice Loan Services.